Rallarvägen-The Navvy Road

Updated 2003-04-24

The Navvy Road is an ancient monument of great symbolic value for the entry of the modern times in the Kiruna mountains. The railroad that was built to serve the mines also made the area easily accessible to scientists and tourists. The purpose of the project is to make people aware of the history of the area they see today and to make the remains of the navvies work and living easy to reach and understand. The project started 1987 when I was länsantikvarie (chief antiquarian) in Norrbotten. Most of the road and according traces were overgrown and many places forgotten. The first phase of the project was to locate the "vanished" places and parts of the road and to write information for signs along the road and a book about the navvies and their life. This work was mainly done by Agge Theander, Kiruna in cooperation with colleagues in Narvik (a similar work was done along the Norwegian part of the road)and länsstyrelsen. The work was mainly financed by länsstyrelsen.After I left Norrbotten for a similar work in Skåne the great work to clear the road, build new bridges etc was done under the supervision of länsstyrelsen. Since 1987 "historical paths" have been a very popular mode of making history living all over Sweden. The purpose of my visit is to see how my favorite project is working and to get and give new ideas how to improve the Navvy Road and similar projects in Skåne

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1987 - 2099
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Anna Järpe
Länsstyrelsen 205 15 Malmö

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Abisko Scientific Research Station

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