AMAP Project Directory

AMAP Project Directory

The AMAP Project Directory (AMAP PD) is a catalog of projects and activities that contribute to assessment and monitoring in the Arctic. The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP), is a working group under the Arctic Council, tasked with monitoring and asessing pollution, climate change, human health and to provide scientific advice as a basis for policy making.

The directory, which is continously updated, documents national and international projects and programmes that contribute to the overall AMAP programme, and provides information on data access as well as a gateway for the AMAP Thematic Data Centres.

Other catalogs through this service are ENVINET, SAON and SEARCH, or refer to the full list of projects/activities.

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1. Northern Crossroads. An archaeological perspective on culture contacts in northern Sweden, 9000 - 500 BP

Analysis of cultural change and adapatation in northern Sweden using archaeological, paleobotanical, paleoentomological and soil chemical data. Involves 14 regional studies througout northern Sweden from 60 - 66 degrees north latitude.

network analysis archaeology Indigenous people traditional knowledge environmental archaeology