Benthic Flux rates. Measurement of flow rates through and fluxes from individual tubes and burrows of benthic organisms

Updated 2003-07-02

To asses the utility of a new range of microelectrode sensors in measuring the flux rates of oxygen and nutrients across the sedimentary diffusive boundary layer and into and through macrofaunal tubes and burrow structures.

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1998 - 2000
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not specified
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Tom Pearson
Dunstaffnage Marine Research Lab. P.O. Box 3 Oban, Argyll PA34 4AD U.K.
+44 1631 559 226

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Marine benthos
Marine sediments
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oxygen profiles, sulphide, flow sensor, burrows, tubes, polychaete, Melinna cristata, Maldane sarsi, bioturbation, Brissopsis lyrifera, Calocaris macandrea


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Biological effects
Biological effects

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Undisturbed boxcore samples of sediment taken from Gullmarsfjord were established in a temperature controlled experimental aquarium room.Microelectrodes were set up to sense flow rates, nitrate and oxygen levels at an appropriate series of burrow and tube entrances and through the diffusive boundary layer and upper sedimentary column in box cores containing differing species and species associations from the fine sediments found at 70m depth in the upper Gullmarsfjord. The microelectrodes were mounted in a micro-manipulator which permitted the sensor tip to be moved up, down or laterally at intervals. Sensor measurements were logged on a Unisense Picoammeter PA2000 and a Chart Pen Recorder.

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