CANDIDOZ (Chemical and Dynamical Influences on Decadal Ozone Change)

Updated 2002-09-06

The main objective is to establish a scientific basis for the detection of the earliest signs of ozone recovery due to Montreal protocol and its amendments. To achieve this we will select the best long-term ozone and meteorological data sets available (by ECMWF and NCEP). Ozone data will be studied by using advanced multiple regression methods developed in this project. Meteorological data would allow to determine the dynamical changes and trends and assess their role in re-distribution of stratospheric ozone in recent decades and in order to force the Chemical Transport Models to assess the relative roles of chemistry and transport in ozone changes. Finally, the synthesis of the key objectives will improve the attribution of observed ozone changes to anthropogenic influences and to the variations in a natural atmosphere.

Time frame

Project time span
2002 - 2005
Data collection
not specified
Data processing
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Data reporting
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Contact information

Contact person
Esko Kyrö
Prof. Esko Kyrö FMI-Arctic Research Centre Tähteläntie 62 FIN-99600 Sodankylä Finland
+358 16 619 619
+358 16 619 623

Parameters and Media

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Regions studied
Sodankylä (FMI-ARC)
Sodankylä (FMI-ARC)
Sodankylä (FMI-ARC)
Sodankylä (FMI-ARC)
Sodankylä (FMI-ARC)
Sodankylä (FMI-ARC)
Stations or areas where observations are made

partners: Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI Finland Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH-Z Switzerland University of Cambridge UCAMB United Kingdom Universite Pierre et Marie Curie UPMC France University of Athens NKUA Greece Institute of Atmospheric Physics ASCR Czech republic Czech Hydro-Meteorological Institute CHMI Czech republic Danish Meteorological Institute DMI Denmark Alfred Wegener Institute AWI Germany University of Oslo UiO Norway Norwegian institute of air research NILU Norway University of Bremen IUP-UB Germany

Data availability

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Methods & Procedures

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