Comparison of lichen communities in snowbeds in the Subarctic Scandes and High Sudetes

Updated 2003-04-24

Lichen flora of snowbeds in the Massif of Slattajakka and Njuollja will be studied in close relation to the objectives of Swedish-Czech project "Comparative ecology of cryogenic landforms in the Subarctic Scandes and the High Sudetes" (C.Jonasson, L.Papáčková-Soukupová). Sampling of lichen species and assessment of their abundance will be carried out repeatedly in short-, mid- and long-term snowbeds from the beginning to the end of melting season. Similar sites will be analysed both in Slattajakka-Njuollja Massif, N Scandes and Luční-Studniční Mt., the High Sudetes. In both massifs, specific lichen zonation is characteristic for various types of snowbeds occurring in different cryogenic landforms situated in the leeward of anemo-orographiic systems, which modify snow deposition in winter (Jeník 1961). Apart of in situ easily recognizable lichens, the determination of difficult groups will be performed in laboratory by standard LM procedures, spot reactions or - if necessary - by TLC. Poorly known and taxonomically difficult tundra microlichens will be selectively collected for eventual molecular analyses.

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2002 - 2002
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Zdeněk Palice
Botanical Institute Academy of Czech Republic CZ-25243 Průhonice Czech Republic

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Abisko Scientific Research Station

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