Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in Tundra Ecosystems

Updated 2003-06-23

In 2001 we were granted an LSF award for work on dissolved organic nitrogen in arctic ecosystems. In collaboration with Bjorn Solheim and Christina Wegener of the University of Tromso, we studied (a) the DON and DIN content of a range of soils around Ny Alesund and (b) the relative uses of nitrogen fixation and DON in a defined range of communities. We established a long term experiment at Stuphallet on dry tundra, where we made additions of nitrogen to fixed quadrats. The nitrogen additions were of nitrate, ammonium, glycine and glutamate at 10 kg ha-1. This is the first long-term experiment where organic N additions have been made to tundra. Our hypothesis is that DON is a preferred N source for tundra angiosperms. Within 10 days of application of the N in 2001, there were no significant changes in plant chlorophyll content or N content, not surprisingly as the plants were fruiting and end-of-season N retranslocation and leaf loss were in progress. This application is to make measurements on these plots to test the hypothesis after one year, and to make further applications.

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2001 - 2004
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Professor John Farrar
Institute of Environmental Science, University of Wales, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 2UW, UK
(44) (0)1248 382532
(44) (0)1248 383646

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Regions studied
NERC Arctic Research Station (Harland House)

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