Fruitset in Linnaea borealis along an altitud gradient in the subarctics

Updated 2003-04-22

Fruit set in Linnaea borealis is known to be low. Plausible reasons for low fruit/seed set in self-incompatible plants are: pollinator shortage, xenogamous-pollen shortage and environmental conditions. Preliminary results from a study Abisko 2001 suggest that fruit set in L. borealis is partly pollinator limited. Wilcock and Jennings (1999) concluded, however, that fruit set in some Scottish populations of L. borealis was xenogamous-pollen limited. In a study on Ranuculus acris in the Norwegian mountains it was shown that the physical environment (temperature and wind) together with pollen shortage limited seed set.Does fruit set vary among populations of L. borealis along an altitude gradient in Swedish Lapland? Is fruit set higher in the valley than on the mountains? If so, what is the reason behind it? A way to compensate for low pollinator activity could be to extend flowering time. Is flowering time longer at higher elevations? If so, is it due to selection pressure or just a cause of lower metabolic rate in harsher climate? Is there a lower pollinator activity on higher elevation than on lower? Who are the pollinators of L. borealis in Abisko and is it the same along the altitudinal gradient? Is L. borealis self-incompatible in Abisko as in Scotland?Wilcock C.C. and Jennings S.B. 1999. Partner limitation and restoration of sexual reproduction in the clonal dwarf shrub Linnaea borealis L. (Caprifoliaceae).

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2002 - 2002
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Karin Bjerrner
Avd. Växtekologi, EBC Villavägen 14 752 36 UPPSALA

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Abisko Scientific Research Station

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