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SLU combines the spectral information from SPOT, or similar satellite image data, with the field data information from the national forest inventory plots. The result is a nationwide raster database (pixel size 25x25 m) where each grid cell is coded with the stem volume for the major tree species categories (pine, spruce, deciduous), and tree height. The product, which is called kNN-Sweden after the algorithm used, is repeated every fifth year, starting with images from year 2000. The kNN database can be downloaded free of charge from

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2000 -
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2000 -
Data processing
2000 -
Data reporting
2000 -

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Mats Nilsson, Dept of Forest Resource Management, SLU, UmeƄ

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Methods & Procedures

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The first kNN used data from 2000, the second kNN uses data from 2005. Pixel size 25x25 m In different map layers is found standing volume by tree species, age and height. In kNN 2005 even total biomass will be given. kNN 2005 is planned finished by June 2008.

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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

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